Phoenix Equine Assisted Program

Barbara Adler is the founder and CEO of Phoenix Equine Assisted Program.  She has over 37yr working with horses.  At age 13 she broke her first horse to ride with her mother and by 16 she was training horses for others.  She has worked in large training facilities and had her own barn for a while.  When her two sons came along she was also care taker for her mother in law who had Alzheimer's, so left the horse industry.  With her Biology degree she worked for UGA Center for Food Safety doing research in food microbiology and later branched into sales for the food safety Industry/food microbiology.  Barbara also has her MBA in International Business and is a consultant for the food safety industry.

Barbara has a love for God, horses and people.  She believes that Phoenix Equine Assisted Program is her calling from God to share her love of horses and help those that are struggling.  

Barbara has had her own struggles in life but is very blessed to be able to have this opportunity to help others.  It is an honor to be a part of someone's healing and journey through this life.

This is a judgement free zone.  Your past is your past and a part of your journey.   We are here to help make the future a good one.  You will be a winner in this life!  Cross the finish line with peace, joy and pride.