Phoenix Equine Assisted Program

What if PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Anger issues, ADHD, Addictions and other mental or neurological disorders could be Cured? Or at least managed without drugs? Permanently?
What if we could reduce the percent of soldiers committing suicide?  Give the gift to veterans of peace of mind and normalcy.
What if disorders such as autism, multiple sclerosis, bipolar disorder and other genetic neurological disorders could function better if not one day normally.


VETERANS- Thanks to the American Legion in Perry GA, they have sponsored 10 Veterans to go thru th eprogram. FREE

EMERGENCY SERVICES-Law Enforcement, Fire, EMT, Dispatch- 5 free sessions, 5 sessions half off

TEACHERS AND HEALTHCARE- Half off all sessions.

A lady with TBI having issues with short term memory, time management, anger, mood swings.  She and her husband were in the process of trying to adopt a child when she got sick.  Because of her TBI they gave up on their dreams of being parents.  However through her progress with the Draper Sensory Method she recovered.  And they are now parents of a beautiful 4yr old boy.

4yr old little boy with Autism, non verbal, in diapers,  non responsive to his name. Had his first session; jibber jabbering, nothing I could understand but happy as a lark.  Did everything I asked of him.  When we were done, out of habit, I had him on my hip and petted Lilly's neck and said, "Say thank you."  And HE DID!!!  a great big, clear as day, "THANK YOU"

A vet that deals with PTSD, after his first session I asked how his night went.  He said it was the first time in years he had not had night terrors.

A house wife that had debilitating depression, had lost her will to leave the house and her her voice to speak her mind.  After the program she was back in the church volunteering in the nursery like she used to do.  This time she had a voice to speak up and correct things that were not right in the nursery and was able to improve the process there.

Young man needing to pass his GED, was able to get the courage to take the test and the scores he needed to pass.

Young man with addiction issues said it made him feel calm and focused.  Said he was able to see the consequences of his actions and was able to control urges that he couldn't control before.

Boy with high functioning autism and ADHD was able to come off of meds and his doctors were amazed at his self control.

Some testimonies from Horseback Miracles using Draper Sensory Method:

Dr. Brad Clark came to HBM for his PTSD that he suffered with for 50yr from Vietnam; during the process of healing his PTSD his Dyslexia was healed.

Penelope is a young girl from Denmark that traveled with her mom to HBM in CO. She has Multiple Sclerosis, anger and PTSD. She struggled with speaking, walking and learning. She is a beautiful happy young lady doing wonderful now. She has her first job, she cares for the horses at home which she was never able to do on her own. She is even writing a book now.

Here are a few youtube videos from Terry and HBM:  Excelsior program using HBM    Terry explaining the process Terry on KUSA-TV